2024 The Curtain Call North

2024 Championship Reskate Start Order

Starting Order Showcase

1Erin Ly (CI), San Diego FSC
2Kaylin Worthington (CP), All Year FSC
3Georgia James (CP), All Year FSC
4Max Aydelott (CI), All Year FSC
5Cho and Kasai, Los Angeles FSC
6Rodriguez and Wiedrick, FSC of Southern Calif...
7Cugno and Rapkine, FSC of Southern Calif...
8Linares & Reall, All Year FSC
9Maples & Martin, All Year FSC
10Sebastian and Ariel, All Year FSC
11Brandt and Rosenbloom, All Year FSC
12Charlie Goodman (LP), FSC of Southern Calif...
13Madison Rapkine (CI), FSC of Southern Calif...
14Callie Haban (EP), All Year FSC
15Sara Rodriguez (CA), FSC of Southern Calif...
16Clare FitzGibbon (EP), All Year FSC
17Weyna Chen (EP), Los Angeles FSC
18Koko Hirano (EP), All Year FSC
19Natchuda Padmasuta (EP), Los Angeles FSC

Last Updated: Sun, Apr 14, 2024, 02:20PM (Competition local time)