128 Preliminary Girls FS Grp B

14Sherry Naree Wester, SC of Northern Virginia21.84
23Madeleine Foo, Annapolis SC20.77
36Allison Wu, Columbia FSC (MD)20.50
41Chelsea Hill, SC of Northern Virginia20.12
52Naya Canjura, SC of Northern Virginia17.89
65Lillian DeHoag, Meghan Hill17.27
Judge 1ThuThuy Huynh, Burke, VA
Judge 2Wendelyn Jones, Ellicott City, MD
Judge 3Ellyn Kestnbaum, Bethesda, MD
Judge 4Anne White, Annapolis, MD
Judge 5Roger Wilkins, Niles, OH
RefereeRichard Kern, Mundelein, IL
Technical ControllerCheryl Litman, Brooklyn, NY
Technical Specialist 1Todd Bromley, Carrollton, TX
Technical Specialist 2Kristy Brickel, Bay Village, OH

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