110-120 Intermediate Women Combined

PlaceStartNameShort ProgramFree SkateTotal Score
15Brenna Clabaugh, Washington FSC131.58253.3084.88
24Everly Livingston, Washington FSC227.86155.3783.23
32Claire Wang, Washington FSC423.15436.9260.07
46Sydney Browning, Richmond FSC326.01633.3659.37
51Abigail Roberts, Annapolis SC518.14340.2458.38
63Bridget Hill, SC of Northern Virginia617.04536.3553.39
WD Olivia Guan, SC of Wilmington     
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1ThuThuy Huynh, Burke, VA
Judge 2Ellyn Kestnbaum, Bethesda, MD
Judge 3Anne White, Annapolis, MD
Judge 4Roger Wilkins, Niles, OH
Judge 5Amelie Wilson-Bivera, Washington, DC
RefereeCheryl Litman, Brooklyn, NY
Technical ControllerRichard Kern, Mundelein, IL
Technical Specialist 1Todd Bromley, Carrollton, TX
Technical Specialist 2Kristy Brickel, Bay Village, OH

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