57 Excel Novice Women

14Kathryn Berg, Eau Claire FSC45.90
25Savannah Joyce, Starlight Ice Dance Club44.20
37Jin Hudson, Starlight Ice Dance Club37.99
42Alisa Aish, Roseville FSC36.69
51Maria Manley, FSC of Bloomington (MN)34.70
WD Keira Burch, FSC of Bloomington (MN) 
WD Krisalyn Cook, Braemar-City of Lakes FSC 
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1Stephanie Culver, Golden Valley, MN
Judge 2Stephanie Pusch, Plymouth, MN
Judge 3Ann McLiney, Kansas City, MO
Judge 4Emma Hills, Burnsville, MN
Judge 5Suzanne Lee-Trejo, Rochester, MN
RefereeLisa Anne Venne, Minneapolis, MN
Technical ControllerDiana Wisner, Wilmington, DE
Technical Specialist 1Courtney Wetterich, Denver, CO
Technical Specialist 2Ann Barr, Livonia, MI

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