6 Excel Pre-Juvenile Plus Girls Grp B

13Layla Debaker, Chicago FSC22.08
22Alison McCrea, Shattuck - St. Marys21.73
35Natalia Hernandez Pons, Mexican Federation of Ice Skating and Winter Sports21.14
44Anika Holland, Roseville FSC19.30
51Aubryanna Jarchow, DuPage FSC17.77
Judge 1Roger Glenn, Appleton, WI
Judge 2Dorothy Alt, Bellevue, WA
Judge 4Carol Weier, Cedarville, IL
Judge 5Sharon Wright, Waukesha, WI
RefereeDorothy Jamison, Hancock, MI
Technical ControllerLaura Murphy, Wooster, OH
Technical Specialist 1Francesca Supple, Madison, WI
Technical Specialist 2Kirsten Vike, Plymouth, MN

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