2023 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships

210 AB Adult Bronze Solo Pattern Dance III/IV/V

Standings for the Second Dance

PlaceName12345Maj.Tie Br.FP
1.Jill Antipas, Roseville FSC111115/1 1.0
2.Sara King, Portland ISC222424/2 2.0
3.Lauren Day, Los Angeles FSC335234/3 3.0
4.Kerri Bottorff, Georgia FSC443345/4 4.0
5.Carri Hale, FSC of Madison554763/5 5.0
6.Krista Fish, Centennial SC666655/6 6.0
7.Natalia Kessler, Saratoga Springs FSC779593/7 7.0
8.Paula Turpen, FSC of Omaha987884/8 8.0
9.Rhonda Veenhuis, Creve Coeur FSC11910973/9 9.0
10.Claire Walczak, Sycamore ISC810810114/10 10.0
11.Paula Santos, The Skating Club of S...10111111105/11 11.0
12.Dorothy Ray, The SC of Wilmington12121212125/12 12.0
13.Melissa Pepling, SC of Central New York13131313135/13 13.0

Panel of Officials for the Second Dance

RefereeMary Ann WilcoxSalt Lake City, UT
Assistant Referee  
AccountantMichelle CohenPenfield, NY
Judge 1Linda LeaverSalt Lake City, UT
Judge 2Patricia SmithHighland Park, IL
Judge 3Hazel WecalDenver, CO
Judge 4Michael RiciglianoCarlsbad, CA
Judge 5William TranMonterey Park, CA

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