2023 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships

202 Adult Bronze Women II

Final Standings

PlaceName12345Maj.Tie Br.
1.Shannon Leahy, Individual Member111115/1 
2.Jessica Robie, The SC of Saugerties232323/2 
3.Jennifer Kennery, SC of Northern Virginia344233/3 
4.April Bardin, Diamond Edge FSC523543/4 
5.Diane Sheppard, Hudson-Mohawk FSC755753/5 
6.Nicole Stachowicz, Southern Wisconsin FSC677463/6TO 30
7.Mandi Miller, Alpine SC466983/6TO 33
8.Regina Bower, Fort Collins FSC888675/8 
9.Lyudmila Shapovalov, Stockton FSC999895/9 
 Tatyana Clark, Wasatch FSC      Withdrawn
 Jessie Friedman, Scott Hamilton SC      Withdrawn

Panel of Officials for the Free Skating

RefereeAnne CammettRush, NY
Assistant Referee  
AccountantMichelle CohenPenfield, NY
Judge 1Sheren ChiangSan Mateo, CA
Judge 2Jennifer HartleyPortland, OR
Judge 3Richard PerezMountain View, CA
Judge 4Hazel WecalDenver, CO
Judge 5Roger GlennAppleton, WI

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