2023 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships

118 AB Championship Adult Solo Dance

Standings for the First Dance

PlaceName12345Maj.Tie Br.FP
1.Jill Ahlbrecht, Great Falls FSC321413/2 1.0
2.Alyssa Miller, Wisconsin FSC544324/4 2.0
3.Carly Harris-Koleczko, Mt. Clemens FSC273664/6 3.0
4.Grace Stuever, Pittsburgh FSC618283/6TO 254.0
5.Justin Ly, Los Angeles FSC1062173/6TO 265.0
6.Dianna-Lynne Wells, Centennial SC4106933/6TOM 136.0
7.Maria Reynolds, The SC of Saugerties7557104/7 7.0
8.Helena Fisher, Atlanta FSC8891053/8 8.0
9.Taryn Brandt, Individual Member9310594/9 9.0
10.Elizabeth Murdock, Wasatch FSC11978113/9 10.0
11.Ashley Grazutis, Glenwood FSC111111244/11 11.0
12.Dawn Bailey, Utah FSC12121211125/12 12.0

Panel of Officials for the First Dance

RefereeMary Ann WilcoxSalt Lake City, UT
Assistant Referee  
AccountantRod WilliamsAnchorage, AK
Judge 1Michael RiciglianoCarlsbad, CA
Judge 2William TranMonterey Park, CA
Judge 3Patricia SmithHighland Park, IL
Judge 4Linda LeaverSalt Lake City, UT
Judge 5Hazel WecalDenver, CO

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