179 Championship Adult Gold Women

16Emelyn Haynie, Winter Club of Indianapolis36.93
212Cindy Crouse, Wagon Wheel FSC34.40
31Emilie Stephenson, Individual Member33.37
410Gabriela Prylinski, DuPage FSC31.64
511Vicky Li, Memorial FSC Of Houston31.57
64Courtney Ozog, Wayne-Westland FSC30.99
77Emily Engberg, Memorial FSC Of Houston29.85
83Teresa Miles, Wyandotte FSC29.74
914Aviva Cantor, Centennial SC27.27
102Cindy Flaherty, Columbus FSC26.05
119Donna Farver, Creve Coeur FSC25.00
125Susan Chapman, Individual Member24.95
138Eleanor Coyle, SC Of Central Ohio24.95
1413Rhonda Veenhuis, Creve Coeur FSC22.90
Judge 1Anthony Bardin, Carson, NM
Judge 2Mary Davis, Kalamazoo, MI
Judge 3Christine Magill, Chicago, IL
Judge 4Mary Anne McGivern, Tulsa, OK
Judge 5Raymond Wright, Columbia City, IN
RefereeRichard Kern, Peoria, IL
Technical ControllerPamela Pangle, Crossville, TN
Technical Specialist 1Nancy Ruedebusch, Coldwater, MI
Technical Specialist 2Heather Lehnert, Nashville, IN

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