29 Adult Bronze Women Free Skate

12Rylie Smith, SC of Boston16.86
21Christina Butkiewicus, SC of Boston14.72
Judge 1Jennifer Goulet, N Providence, RI
Judge 2Elly Walker Atwood, Fryeburg, ME
Judge 3Judith Edmunds, W Yarmouth, MA
Judge 4Ann Fauver, Gorham, ME
Judge 5Frederick Hagedorn, Concord, NH
RefereeJennifer Goulet, N Providence, RI
Technical ControllerGerald Miele, Greenville, RI
Technical Specialist 1Kimberlie Wheeland, Jamaica Plain, MA
Technical Specialist 2Anne Goldberg-Baldwin, Natick, MA

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Sunday, Mar 05, 2023, 12:25 PM Eastern Standard Time