39 Novice Women Freeskate

13Francesca Giumenta, SC of New York63.27
21Claire Meng, SC of New York60.44
32Phoebe Dungca, SC of New York49.35
WD Skylar Lautowa-Peguero, SC of New York 
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1Marianne Sughrue, Bridgewater, NJ
Judge 2Sarah Jayne Howland, Somersworth, NH
Judge 3Elizabeth Murray, S Dartmouth, MA
Judge 4Monica Pollock, New York, NY
RefereeJennifer Marker Johnson, Falcon Hgts, MN
Technical ControllerGregory Rouw, Saint Cloud, MN
Technical Specialist 1Kirsten Vike, Plymouth, MN
Technical Specialist 2Cheryl Marker, Cottage Grove, MN

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