36 Excel Senior Women Freeskate

13Vanessa Zhang, IceWorks SC66.49
25Ania Ting, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC62.09
32Rebekah Smith, SC of New York52.14
44Brianna Zubatov, North Jersey FSC51.58
51Trinity Cirinelli, North Jersey FSC49.41
Judge 1Jennifer Marker Johnson, Falcon Hgts, MN
Judge 2Janice Anderson, Maple Grove, MN
Judge 3Coco Gram Shean, East Hampton, NY
Judge 4Lauren Jackson, Shoreham, NY
RefereeJudith Edmunds, W Yarmouth, MA
Technical ControllerCheryl Marker, Cottage Grove, MN
Technical Specialist 1Patch David, Woodside, NY
Technical Specialist 2Adam Leib, Port Washington, NY

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Saturday, May 20, 2023, 06:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time