19 Excel Preliminary Plus Girls Group A

13Avery Gao, Rye FSC20.61
24Gabriella Han-Garrote, Central Florida FSC19.83
37Victoria Lonigro, SC of New York19.52
46Riley Tomcics, Penguin FSC18.96
51Jordan Burke, Jersey Coast FSC18.72
62Arianna Melisi, SC of New York18.67
75Stella Canalda, SC of New York15.98
WD Angelina Valcic, SC of New York 
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1Janice Anderson, Maple Grove, MN
Judge 2Cynthia Flynn, Churchville, NY
Judge 3Elizabeth Murray, S Dartmouth, MA
Judge 4Carol Nash, Bayside, NY
RefereeJudith Edmunds, W Yarmouth, MA
Technical ControllerGregory Rouw, Saint Cloud, MN
Technical Specialist 1Adam Leib, Port Washington, NY
Technical Specialist 2Patch David, Woodside, NY

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