15 Juvenile Girls Freeskate

110Ellie Yu, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC46.55
23Addison Kim, Winterhawks FSC42.53
32Emily Chang, Essex SC of NJ42.46
49Alice Tang, SC of New York39.77
57Searle Canci Conches, North Jersey FSC39.24
68Maia Piela, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC36.85
711Charlene Peng, SC of New York36.71
86Claire Huang, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC34.68
95Savannah Quattrone, FSC of Osceola33.95
104Hailey Marsar, SC of New York33.43
111Madison Lada, SC of New York31.52
Judge 1Monica Pollock, New York, NY
Judge 2Marianne Sughrue, Bridgewater, NJ
Judge 3Nancy Harrington, Wallingford, CT
Judge 4Shirley Taylor, Franklin, MA
RefereeJudith Edmunds, W Yarmouth, MA
Technical ControllerCheryl Marker, Cottage Grove, MN
Technical Specialist 1Kirsten Vike, Plymouth, MN
Technical Specialist 2Patch David, Woodside, NY

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Saturday, May 20, 2023, 10:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time