2132 No Test Character Performance

14Matis Thomason, Greater Evansville FSC16.26
22Megan Stewart, Learn to Skate of Huntsville14.16
36Hayden Rhoades, Greater Evansville FSC13.57
41Adalynn Sommers, Greater Evansville FSC13.43
55Annabelle Wilson, Greater Evansville FSC12.92
WD Nora Mohlenkamp, Nashville FSC 
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1Anna Ctvrtnicek, Kettering, OH
Judge 2Lori Malthaner, Fayetteville, GA
Judge 3Ginger Whatley, Atlanta, GA
Judge 4Raymond Wright, Columbia City, IN
RefereeGregory Cannon, Lake Worth, FL

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Saturday, Apr 15, 2023, 09:06 PM Central Daylight Time