2023 Denver Invitational

(141) Excel Beginner Compulsory Moves Grp B

Final Standings

PlaceName123Maj.Tie Br.
1.Emily Tang, Denver Colorado FSC1212/1 
2.Taggart Perry, Denver Colorado FSC2132/2 
3.Calida Rivezzo, Wind River Skate Club3323/3 
 William Gamboa, Northern Ice SC    Withdrawn

Panel of Officials for the Compulsory Moves

RefereeBrenda KickertzRockford, IL
Assistant Referee  
AccountantCherry HarrisonWestminster, CO
Judge 1David HamulaMonument, CO
Judge 2Irrit MihokLittleton, CO
Judge 3Robyn SeldinLoveland, CO

Last Updated: Fri, Mar 10, 2023, 12:53PM (Competition local time)