Adult Teams

13DC EDGE (AT), Washington FSC59.41
24Team Excel (AT), SC of Boston58.87
37Team Delaware (AT), University of Delaware FSC55.20
46The Colonials (AT), Colonial FSC54.17
51Esprit de Corps (AT), Individual Member52.68
62Mirror Images (AT), Thomas Creek FSC50.17
75Gotham City Synchro (AT), SC of New York47.40
88Team Tenacity SST (AT), Individual Member44.54
Judge 1Deveny Deck, Mclean, VA
Judge 2Lauren O'Toole, West Palm Beach, FL
Judge 3Rachael Naphtal, Boston, MA
Judge 4Gale Tanger, Wauwatosa, WI
Judge 5Cheryl Litman, New York, NY
Judge 6Ann Fauver, Gorham, ME
Judge 7Ann Buckley, Essex, MA
RefereeRobin Greenleaf, Wayland, MA
Technical ControllerLisa Insley, Brunswick, ME
Technical Specialist 1Cathleen Renzi, Southborough, MA
Technical Specialist 2Lauren Neidig, Lutherville, MD
Ice Level RefereeSusan Haugh, Livonia, NY

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