Pre-Juvenile Teams Grp C

14Skyliners Blue (PJVNQ), SC of Fairfield County38.95
23District Synchro (PJVNQ), District Impact SC28.29
32Valley Forge Cadettes (PJVNQ), Center Ice of Oaks FSC20.13
41CP Ice (PJVNQ), SC of New York19.69
Judge 1Lynn Eisenhour, Ashburn, VA
Judge 2Susan Haugh, Livonia, NY
Judge 3Katherine Sachs, Washington, DC
Judge 4Michele Blatt, Brooklyn, NY
RefereeSteve Wolkin, Fairview Park, OH
Technical ControllerAnn Fauver, Gorham, ME
Technical Specialist 1Elizabeth Lee, New Haven, CT
Technical Specialist 2Martha Buckley, Essex, MA
Ice Level RefereeThomas Sobell, Tewksbury, MA

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Saturday, Nov 12, 2022, 12:56 PM Eastern Standard Time