Novice Men Combined

13Jared Sedlis, SC of Boston39.92
22Luke Witkowski, SC of Boston33.89
36Sam Tomczik, Starlight Ice Dance Club30.84
41Ryan Xie, SC of Central New Jersey30.06
WD Patrick Blackwell, SC of Boston 
WD Alexander Ting, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC 
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1Jaclyn Helms, Brooklyn, NY
Judge 2Taffy Holliday, Greenwich, CT
Judge 3Mark Ladwig, Parrish, FL
Judge 4Lori Cochran, Brooklyn, NY
Judge 5Scott Cudmore, Boca Raton, FL
RefereeConnacht Peterson, Hingham, MA
Technical ControllerKathaleen Cutone, Middleton, MA
Technical Specialist 1Sandra Hurtubise-Ulmer, Belleair, FL
Technical Specialist 2Kevin Curtis, Fairfax, VA

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