Virginia Commonwealth Games 2022

133 Pre-Free Skating Free Skating Group C

Final Standings

PlaceName123Maj.Tie Br.
1.Isabelle Izzo, Tidewater FSC1122/1 
2.Kendra Stanley, Hampton Roads Skating...2213/2 
3.Kaylynn Crawford, Tidewater Skating Acad3333/3 

Panel of Officials for the Free Skating

RefereeBradley VaughnGreensboro, N.C.
Assistant Referee  
AccountantAnnMorton Neale*Farmville, Va.
Judge 1Bradley VaughnGreensboro, N.C.
Judge 2Julie DaviRichmiond, Va.
Judge 3Nancy Marron-AstiSouthport, N.C.

Last Updated: Sat, Jun 18, 2022, 03:59PM (Competition local time)