35 Intermediate Women

14Genevieve Macejko, Pittsburgh FSC47.98
23Emily Miller, Charleston FSC (WV)44.25
32Emma Ehan, Pittsburgh FSC44.04
45Jessica Nicolaus, SC of Mt Lebanon37.16
51Hannah Lipchin, Pittsburgh FSC28.13
Judge 1Carrie Bacasa, Pittsburgh, PA
Judge 2Donna Cella, Butler, PA
Judge 3Virginia Charles, Toledo, OH
Judge 4Charlotte Elster, The Plains, OH
Judge 5Diana Wisner, Wilmington, DE
RefereeSusan Miller, Bryn Mawr, PA
Technical ControllerLaura Murphy, Wooster, OH
Technical SpecialistKristy Brickel, Bay Village, OH
Assistant Technical SpecialistStacy Petri, Cortland, NY

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