229 Pre-Juvenile

11Jasmine Hu, Peninsula SC30.61
26Clare Fayad, SC of San Francisco29.15
38Quinn Cho, St. Moritz ISC27.39
44Cameron Wee, SC of San Francisco26.71
57Mathilde Skalberg, SC of San Francisco25.42
63Richard Wawro, St. Moritz ISC24.91
75Elizabeth Hu, Peninsula SC22.45
82Audrey Chiu, SC of San Francisco21.95
Judge 1Denise Leto, San Jose, CA
Judge 2Melody Jing, San Jose, CA
Judge 3Tianna Raught, Phoenix, AZ
RefereeDenise Leto, San Jose, CA
Technical ControllerKathleen Krieger, Reno, NV
Technical SpecialistWhitney Gaynor, Menlo Park, CA
Assistant Technical SpecialistRichard Perez, Mountain View, CA

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