21st Annual May Day Open

158 No Test Girls Free Skate Grp A

Final Standings

PlaceName12345Maj.Tie Br.
1.Jada Wong, SC of Northern Virginia113123/1 
2.Sherry Naree Wester, SC of Northern Virginia321434/3 
3.Lillian DeHoag, FSC Of Southern Maryland442313/3TOM 6
4.Alice Kyrylenko, Learn to Skate USA234243/3TOM 7
 Bryn Farrell, Annapolis SC      Withdrawn

Panel of Officials for the Free Skating

RefereeReed Hastings*Kansas City, MO
Assistant Referee  
AccountantAndy PlaskyCheltenham, PA
Judge 1Kimberly MooreCharlotte, NC
Judge 2Thuy (Tweety) HuynhBurke, VA
Judge 3Judith ReinerColumbia, MD
Judge 4E. Richie Van VlietLima, NY
Judge 5Reed Hastings*Kansas City, MO

Last Updated: Sat, May 07, 2022, 03:24PM (Competition local time)