Senior Ladies (140 - 149)

16Emily Zhang, SC of Wilmington59.51
22Mia Eckels, White Rose FSC52.96
35Jill Heiner, Annapolis SC52.81
43Ting Cui, Baltimore FSC52.33
54Tracy Ly, Columbia FSC (MD)22.38
61Jackie Nicolaus, SC of Mt Lebanon21.78
Judge 1Carrie Bacasa, Pittsburgh, PA
Judge 2Susan Miller, Bryn Mawr, PA
Judge 3Judith Reiner, Columbia, MD
Judge 4Aya Takai, Bloomfld Hls, MI
Judge 5Ginger Whatley, Atlanta, GA
RefereeJohn O'Connor, Philadelphia, PA
Technical ControllerLori Dunn, Cape Coral, FL
Technical SpecialistJanet Ford, Holly Springs, NC
Assistant Technical SpecialistDeborah Spence, Arlington, VA

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