Adult Bronze (18)

15Abeer Jaamour, Washington FSC15.13
23Jessica O'Hara, SC of Northern Virginia14.03
34Roxy Stehlik, SC of Ice Land13.15
41Xiaotong Hui, Ice Line FSC12.50
WD Stephanie Wagner, Washington FSC 
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1John Cole, Baltimore, MD
Judge 2Michelle Marvin, Haverford, PA
Judge 3Hayley Pangle, Alexandria, VA
Judge 4Jane Reno, Doylestown, PA
Judge 5Shirley Taylor, Franklin, MA
Judge 6Anne White, Annapolis, MD
RefereeAristeo Brito, Springfield, VA
Technical ControllerDiana Wisner, Wilmington, DE
Technical SpecialistTracey Poletis, Baltimore, MD
Assistant Technical SpecialistNicholas Bond, Burlington, VT

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