Juvenile (28)

14Regan Alexandroff, SC Of Southern New Jersey42.00
22Sylvia Johnson, Columbia FSC41.59
31Paige Maglalang, Worthington Valley FSC34.38
43Keira Nicole Abele, SC of Wilmington (DE)30.77
Judge 1Holly Cole, Baltimore, MD
Judge 2Mary Hauck, Washington, DC
Judge 3Michelle Marvin, Haverford, PA
Judge 4Shirley Taylor, Franklin, MA
Judge 5Anne White, Annapolis, MD
RefereeJane Reno, Doylestown, PA
Technical ControllerDiana Wisner, Wilmington, DE
Technical SpecialistSarah Cammarata, Annapolis, MD
Assistant Technical SpecialistNicholas Bond, Burlington, VT

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