Pre-Juvenile (27)

16Isabel Sena, Washington FSC29.82
27Abigail Roberts, FSC of Southern Maryland28.57
34Olivia Guan, Exton Edge24.76
45Killian Wortman, Patriot FSC22.77
52Searle Conches, North Jersey FSC22.55
61Alena Howson, SC of Morris NJ16.45
WD Ainsley Brancato, Annapolis Skating Academy (LTS USA) 
WD GiannaMarie Patrick, Penguin FSC 
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1Holly Cole, Baltimore, MD
Judge 2Mary Hauck, Washington, DC
Judge 3Michelle Marvin, Haverford, PA
Judge 4Shirley Taylor, Franklin, MA
Judge 5Anne White, Annapolis, MD
RefereeJane Reno, Doylestown, PA
Technical ControllerDiana Wisner, Wilmington, DE
Technical SpecialistSarah Cammarata, Annapolis, MD
Assistant Technical SpecialistTracey Poletis, Baltimore, MD

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