Adult Silver I (19)

13Anya Saretzky, Individual Member of USFS25.10
24Cat Hickerson, SC of New York22.73
31Anne Martin, Nittany Valley FSC22.01
45Niko Cohen, Boston University FSC19.40
52Julie Anderson, Individual Member of USFS18.13
Judge 1Karen Farinella, Wynnewood, PA
Judge 2Mary Hauck, Washington, DC
Judge 3Wendelyn Jones, Ellicott City, MD
Judge 4Andrea Miner-Isaacson, Havertown, PA
Judge 5Ellyn Kestnbaum, Bethesda, MD
Judge 6Anne White, Annapolis, MD
RefereeHolly Cole, Baltimore, MD
Technical ControllerDiana Wisner, Wilmington, DE
Technical SpecialistTracey Poletis, Baltimore, MD
Assistant Technical SpecialistSarah Cammarata, Annapolis, MD

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