10 Excel Pre-Juvenile Girls

11Amy Qiao, FSC of Madison20.13
24Christine Koran, Individual Member of USFS18.53
32Ciara Crawford, Southern Wisconsin FSC18.16
43Lucie Barbouche, FSC of Madison16.07
Judge 1Rebecca Bates, North Mankato, MN
Judge 2Anna Ctvrtnicek, Kettering, OH
Judge 3Elizabeth Harty, Albert Lea, MN
Judge 4Stephen Kucera, Bartlesville, OK
Judge 5Pamela Pangle, Crossville, TN
RefereeCarolyn Clausius, Sun Prairie, WI
Technical ControllerLee Gardner, Kansas City, MO
Technical SpecialistMegan Faulkner, Plymouth, MI
Assistant Technical SpecialistFrancesca Supple, Madison, WI

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