Greater Chicagoland Fall Invitational

No Test Compulsoey Moves

Final Standings

PlaceName123Maj.Tie Br.
1.Hartley Niese, Cutting Edge FSC1113/1 
2.Gabriella Dart, Springfield FSC3323/3 
3.Ella Moloney, Central Illinois FSC4232/3 
4.Ellie Spanhook, Heart Of Illinois SC2443/4 
5.Jordan Nguyen, Nashville FSC5553/5 

Panel of Officials for the Compulsory Moves

RefereeThomas DroppMilwaukee, WI
Assistant Referee  
Judge 1Lois ToddNorthfield, IL
Judge 2Cheryl Wyskup EleazarWestchester, IL
Judge 3Monica TischlerLisle, IL

Last Updated: Fri, Sep 10, 2021, 02:21PM (Competition local time)