130 Adult Bronze

13Katrina Ladopoulos, FSC of Madison14.21
21Lisa Scherrer, Kettle Moraine FSC12.32
WD Rebecca Yowler, Heart Of Illinois SC 
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1Barbara Goodrich, Cedar Falls, IA
Judge 2Heather Toporowski, Yorkville, IL
Judge 3Elizabeth Allen, Council Blfs, IA
Judge 4Becky Binns, Shorewood, WI
Judge 5Charlotte Heidenreich, Whitefish Bay, WI
RefereeReed Hastings, Albuquerque, NM
Technical ControllerRichard Kern, Peoria, IL
Technical SpecialistCatherine Horan, Clifton, VA
Assistant Technical SpecialistFrancesca Supple, Madison, WI

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Friday, Aug 20, 2021, 08:07 PM Central Daylight Time