Senior Men Combined

PlaceStartNameShort ProgramFree SkateTotal Score
16Yaroslav Paniot, All Year FSC186.981152.55239.53
28Eric Sjoberg, Los Angeles FSC367.972150.46218.43
37Andrew Torgashev, Panthers FSC276.083135.25211.33
45Dinh Tran, SC of San Francisco466.434122.09188.52
53Micah Tang, Chinese Taipei Skating Union654.75697.07151.82
64Mitchell Friess, St. Paul FSC749.71599.28148.99
72Max Lake, All Year FSC559.70782.50142.20
81Alain Sandraz, Peninsula SC845.83881.90127.73
WD Diego Saldana, Mexican Federation of Ice Skating and Winter Sports     
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1Samuel Auxier, Costa Mesa, CA
Judge 2Kelly Davies, Bellevue, WA
Judge 3Wendy Enzmann, Stow, MA
Judge 4Lisa Hernand, Ripon, CA
Judge 5Kathleen Krieger, Reno, NV
Judge 6Lorrie Parker, Morristown, NJ
Judge 7Kevin Rosenstein, Los Angeles, CA
RefereeTodd Bromley, Carrollton, TX
Technical ControllerJanis Engel, Castaic, CA
Technical SpecialistTerry Kubicka, Fairfield, CA
Assistant Technical SpecialistLisa-Marie Allen, Sun Valley, ID

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