Novice Ladies Grp F

11Lindsay Mattenson, All Year FSC83.01
24Lilly Mills, SC of New York75.35
33Andee Lyons, FSC Of Park City74.80
45Janine May, Chicago FSC65.88
52Olivia Massey, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC65.41
69Riley Mathieson, North Shore SC63.99
77Maisie Minnick, Lansing SC49.06
86Sophie Marisi, Hershey FSC43.26
98Kaidence Lydon, SC of New York33.75
Judge 1Lauren O'Toole, New York, NY
Judge 2Anne Cammett, Rush, NY
Judge 3Carolyn Clausius, Sun Prairie, WI
Judge 4Shelbi Gill, Acton, MA
Judge 5William Tran, Monterey Park, CA
RefereeLynn Goldman, Austin, TX
Technical ControllerLori Dunn, Cape Coral, FL
Technical SpecialistJanet Ford, Holly Springs, NC
Assistant Technical SpecialistLibby Scanlan, Oak Park, IL

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