Collegiate Teams

16University Of Michigan SST (CT), University of Michigan SC106.49
212Adrian College Varsity SST (CT), Adrian College97.35
37Miami University Collegiate Varsity SST (CT), Miami University92.81
48University of Delaware SST (CT), University of Delaware FSC80.85
54Michigan State University SST (CT), Michigan State University75.73
610Western Michigan University (CT), Western Michigan University SC74.79
79Team Excel (CT), SC of Boston68.23
811Boston University (CT), Boston University66.49
95Trine University Varsity SST (CT), Trine University FSC58.85
103Liberty University Flames (CT), Liberty University55.52
112University Of Massachusetts (CT), University of Massachusetts Amherst49.95
121Mirror Images (CT), Thomas Creek FSC48.85
Judge 1Susan McInnes, Cleveland Heights, OH
Judge 2Wendy Enzmann, Stow, MA
Judge 3Matthew O'Toole, New York, NY
Judge 4Carylyn Landt, Alpine, CA
Judge 5Richard Perez, Mountain View, CA
Judge 6Devon Hensel, Westfield, IN
Judge 7Mary Lou Rothman, Cypress, CA
Judge 8Colette Nygren, Sudbury, MA
Judge 9Pamela Pangle, Crossville, TN
RefereeLaura Days, West Roxbury, MA
Technical ControllerJeanette Davey, La Mesa, CA
Technical SpecialistSummer Nagy, Boston, MA
Assistant Technical SpecialistKristin Abbott, Park Ridge, IL
Ice Level RefereeGale Tanger, Wauwatosa, WI

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