Juvenile Girls

116Ela Cui, Academy at Mitchell Johansson Method54.19
214Anqi Hou, Finer Edge FSC49.62
315Sophie Zhang Nacke, Academy at Mitchell Johansson Method46.59
411Lillian Valiquette, SC of Boston46.45
512Sofia Jarmoc, Academy at Mitchell Johansson Method46.33
613Anissa Leung, Colonial FSC44.84
71Sarah Yoo, Colonial FSC41.99
84Grace Cai, SC of Boston39.68
97Mia Rocco, Warwick Figure Skaters38.52
108Nathalie Alexander, Academy at Mitchell Johansson Method38.41
116Stella Evindar, Colonial FSC36.20
125Iris Yang, Pawtucket & Providence FSC35.98
139Claire Levine, Colonial FSC34.53
142Victoria Valiquette, SC of Boston33.94
153Allie Peterson, SC of Boston33.31
1610Ja Yi Kirwan, SC of Boston31.55
Judge 1Andrew Lam, Ashburn, VA
Judge 2Linda Bacon, Becket, MA
Judge 3Elliot Schwartz, West Roxbury, MA
Judge 4Sara Kastner, Brooklyn, NY
Judge 5Kristina Lundgren, New York, NY
Judge 6Matthew O'Toole, New York, NY
Judge 7Dana Schiff, New York, NY
RefereeJennifer Goulet, N Providence, RI
Technical ControllerLorrie Parker, Morristown, NJ
Technical SpecialistMarc Weitzman, New York, NY
Assistant Technical SpecialistJeffrey DiGregorio, Wilmington, DE

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