Intermediate Ladies QR Group E

114Joyce Gong, Colonial FSC59.61
24Grace Perrino, Connecticut Skating Academy53.79
37Abigail Newton, SC of Boston51.69
417Joy Xiao, Colonial FSC47.40
515Alina Hetling, Colonial FSC46.76
69Lilly Wallingford, SC of Boston44.12
75Katie Branda, Colonial FSC40.56
811Jackie David, Colonial FSC37.18
916Dessie Bell-Kamen, SC of Boston35.80
101Lily Hunter, SC of Boston35.80
113Emily Jones, Individual Member35.44
128Maggie Fitzgerald, Gate City FSC32.45
136Sara Campos, SC of Boston29.79
142Evelyn Agrodnia, North Atlantic FSC25.47
1513Sarah Talty, North Shore SC22.56
1610Emma Siler, North Atlantic FSC19.40
1712Isabelle Petty, North Atlantic FSC17.44
WD Nora Moss, Yarmouth Ice Club 
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1Lori Cochran, Brooklyn, NY
Judge 2Laura Dully, Northborough, MA
Judge 3Rebecca Nagle, Gloucester, MA
Judge 4Rachael Naphtal, Boston, MA
Judge 5Christine Magill, Waltham, MA
Judge 6Elliot Schwartz, West Roxbury, MA
RefereeMatthew O'Toole, New York, NY
Technical ControllerGregory Cannon, Lake Worth, FL
Technical SpecialistTracey Poletis, Baltimore, MD
Assistant Technical SpecialistCatherine Horan, Clifton, VA

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