2023 Badger Classic

17 - Excel Beginner Free Skate Group B

Final Standings

PlaceName12345Maj.Tie Br.
1.Amelie Taylor, Wisconsin FSC211123/1 
2.Cambria Lowenberg, FSC of Madison122215/2 
 Simone Pauers, Wisconsin FSC      Withdrawn

Panel of Officials for the Free Skating

RefereeJess Wolenec 
Assistant Referee  
AccountantKristine Romain* 
Judge 1Josephine Schellpfeffer 
Judge 2Jess Wolenec 
Judge 3Maddie Rider 
Judge 4Brianne Arendt 
Judge 5Corrie Lee 

Last Updated: Sat, Jul 22, 2023, 11:31AM (Competition local time)