2023 Theatre On Ice Nationals

06/26/2023 - 06/30/2023 (EDT)

102-105 Intermediate Combined

Choreographic Exercise

1Team Spectacle (IComb), IceWorks SC25.920.0025.924.204.404.204.404.400.008
2Space Coast Hurricanes (IComb), Space Coast Ice Plex FSC25.770.0026.274.404.404.154.504.400.5015
3Harmony Theatre Company of Michigan (IComb), Ice House Skating Academy24.100.0024.103.853.954.
4James River Ice Theatre (IComb), Central Virginia SC23.360.0023.363.903.903.753.804.050.0014
5Los Angeles Ice Theater (IComb), Los Angeles FSC22.490.0022.493.953.753.553.853.550.002
6Atlanta Ice Theatre (IComb), Individual Member21.840.0021.843.553.653.603.853.600.007
7Capital Theatre On Ice Intermediate Team (IComb), Washington FSC21.810.0021.813.653.653.553.703.600.0010
8Bravo! (IComb), Essex SC of NJ21.410.0021.413.903.603.403.553.250.0018
9Onyx Theatre Troupe (IComb), Individual Member21.210.0021.713.553.703.703.603.550.5012
10Prelude of Boston (IComb), SC of Boston20.890.0022.393.753.603.653.903.801.5013
11Virginia Ice Box Ensemble (IComb), Richmond FSC20.180.0020.683.703.503.153.553.200.506
12River City Ice Theatre (IComb), Greater Evansville FSC19.680.0019.683.153.303.353.353.300.0017
13Chesapeake Sapphires (IComb), Columbia FSC (MD)19.400.0019.402.953.303.303.303.400.005
14Broadway Blades (IComb), Colonial FSC18.510.0018.513.103.252.953.152.900.0011
15Circle City Theatre On Ice (IComb), Winter Club of Indianapolis17.210.0017.212.753.002.803.002.800.009
16Annapolis Symphony on Ice (IComb), Annapolis SC17.050.0017.053.002.952.553.002.600.003
17Symmetry Ice Theatre (IComb), Individual Member15.590.0015.592.702.502.352.902.550.004
18Canton Precision (IComb), Individual Member14.830.0014.832.402.552.152.802.450.0016
Judge 1Barbara Buch, Silver Spring, MD
Judge 2Wendy Enzmann, Stow, MA
Judge 3Mary Hiser, Worthington, OH
Judge 4Gerald Miele, Greenville, RI
Judge 5Pamela Pangle, Crossville, TN
Judge 6Richard Perez, Mountain View, CA
Judge 7Jennifer Simon, Galveston, TX
RefereeJohn Cole, Summerville, SC
Ice Level RefereeDaren Patterson, Alcoa, TN
TSSTotal Segment Score
TESTotal Element Score
PCSProgram Component Score
SSSkating Skills
MTSS Support Music/Theme
CPChoreo Process
CYCP / G Consistency

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Tuesday, Jun 27, 2023, 06:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time