2023 Theatre On Ice Nationals

06/26/2023 - 06/30/2023 (EDT)

101-103 Open Combined

Final Results
1Houston Ice Theatre Skaters (OComb), Individual Member69.9211
2North Shore Crystal Blades (OComb), North Shore SC59.4332
3Ocean State Ice Theatre (OComb), Pawtucket & Providence FSC58.0124
4Ice Theatre of the Rockies (OComb), Denver Colorado FSC56.2943
5Virginia Ice Theatre (OComb), SC of Northern Virginia40.0356
6First State Ice Theatre (OComb), Bay Country FSC38.9195
7Stellaris Ice Theatre (OComb), Spokane FSC38.1767
8Brooklyn Blades on Ice (OComb), Brooklyn FSC of Ohio35.57109
9Ballyhoo Ice Theatre (OComb), Glacier Falls FSC35.42711
10Tampa Bay Waves (OComb), Tampa Bay SC33.87128
11Motown Ice Theatre (OComb), Individual Member33.761110
12Virginia Ice Box Ensemble (OComb), Richmond FSC31.92812

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