Skate Milwaukee 2021

07/07/2021 - 07/11/2021 (CDT)

Senior Ladies

Final Results
1Gabriella Izzo, The Skating Club of Boston167.8261
2Shan Ashley Lin, Chinese Skating Association157.0182
3Maxine Marie Bautista, DuPage FSC155.4423
4Finley Hawk, ISC of Indianapolis151.7634
5Jill Heiner, Annapolis SC142.6575
6Emily Zhang, SC of Wilmington142.5156
7Ting Cui, Baltimore FSC135.1447
8Marilena Kitromilis, Cyprus Skating Federation134.3318
9Mia Cittadine, Northern Ice SC116.8799
10Imogene Schwarz, SC of New York98.981011
11Leah Smith, Starlight Ice Dance Club96.991210
12Kumi Mizuno, Starlight Ice Dance Club80.911312
WDAriela Masarsky, DuPage FSC 11 
WDShannon Cross, Starlight Ice Dance Club   
WDSonja Hilmer, Centennial SC   
WDMcKenzie Edwards, Scott Hamilton SC   
WD Withdrawn

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