34rd Annual Pennsylvania Skating Championships

Pre-Prelminary Light Entertainment

Final Standings

PlaceName123Maj.Tie Br.
1.Alivia Bonanno, Hershey FSC1113/1 
2.Madelyn Shanfelder, Sikumi FSC2223/2 
3.Emma Kettering, Hershey FSC3342/3*** TIE ***
3.Zoe Stone, White Rose FSC3432/3*** TIE ***
5.Kaitlyn Warner, Diamond City FSC5553/5 

Panel of Officials for the Showcase

RefereeDonna CeramiErie, PA
Assistant Referee  
AccountantE Michael Elmaleh*Jenkintown, PA 308103
Judge 1Donna CeramiErie, PA
Judge 2Cecile SherlockBenton, PA
Judge 3Deborah WychulisPound Ridge, NY

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